Green Close


Suggested walks from Green Close

Please click on the links below for details of each walk.

Post Box circuitCircular, 1¾ miles
Round the blockCircular, 1¼ miles
To Admirals ParkLinear, 2½ miles each way
To Barnes Mill LockCircular, 5 miles
To Brook EndCircular, 4¾ miles
To BroomfieldCircular, 4½ miles
To New HallCircular, 5 miles
To Parsonage Green  Circular, 5 miles
To Pump LaneCircular, 2½ miles

We have provided a gpx file for each walk. You can download this and use it in a mapping program or app such as Backcountry Navigator, LocusMap or Outdoor Map Navigator. Obviously the circular walks can be done in either direction.